Cell Biology of HOst-Pathogen Interactions

In the Lamason lab, we investigate how intracellular bacterial pathogens hijack host cell processes to promote infection.

In particular, we study how Rickettsia parkeri and Listeria monocytogenes move through our tissues via a process called cell-to-cell spread. We utilize cellular, molecular, genetic, biochemical and biophysical approaches to elucidate the mechanisms of spread in order to reveal key aspects of pathogenesis and host cell biology.



June 8, 2018: New funding for the Lamason lab!! We were just awarded an MIT Research Support Committee grant from the James H. Ferry Jr. Fund for Innovation in Research Education. 

June 1, 2018: Welcome to our newest lab members, and first Lamason Lab graduate students (!) - Allen Sanderlin and Cassandra Vondrak. Allen is a student in the Department of Biology and Cassandra is a student in the Microbiology Program. Keep an eye out for all of the exciting work they'll be doing.

May 3, 2018: Our recent bioRxiv submission reporting our Rickettsia parkeri transposon mutagenesis screen was officially published in PLoS ONE today.

April 9, 2018: We said good bye to another set of fantastic rotons this week. Thanks Alex and Brian! 

March 9, 2018: First preprint submission to bioRxiv is complete! This new report details the Rickettsia parkeri mutants we found in a transposon mutagenesis screen. See the submission here and stay tuned for the official publication.

March 6, 2018: Round 1 biology department rotations are over and we just said goodbye to our first ever rotons! Thanks for your hard work, Allen and Anna. 

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