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May 3, 2018: Our recent bioRxiv submission reporting our Rickettsia parkeri transposon mutagenesis screen was officially published in PLoS ONE today.


April 9, 2018: We said good bye to another set of fantastic rotons this week. Thanks Alex and Brian! 


March 9, 2018: First preprint submission to bioRxiv is complete! This new report details the Rickettsia parkeri mutants we found in a transposon mutagenesis screen. See the submission here and stay tuned for the official publication.


March 6, 2018: Round 1 biology department rotations are over and we just said goodbye to our first ever rotons! Thanks for your hard work, Allen and Anna. 

February 13, 2018: This week completes our back-to-back Olympus scope demos. We're finally done with the parade-of-scopes!

December 11, 2017: Nikon is taking over the scope room for demo #3. Getting closer to decision time!

December 1, 2017: Round two of scope demos starts today with the Leica TCS Sp8 Confocal. 

November 20, 2017: Our newest member, Arianna Scricco has joined the lab! Arianna hails from Furman University where she got her B.S. in Neuroscience, and has joined the team as our Senior Research Support Associate. Welcome Arianna!

November 2, 2017: Scope demos are starting! Next week we are testing out the Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan. Registration is open for others to test drive the system too. 

October 16, 2017: The Lamason Lab is growing. Gina Lee has started as our new administrative assistant. Welcome Gina!!


September 12, 2017: News feature welcoming the Lamason and Davis labs to MIT! 

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September 1, 2017: The Lamason lab opens September 2017! We are looking for new members to join this exciting, multidisciplinary team. Go to the Contact page to see more.