Cell Biology of HOst-Pathogen Interactions

In the Lamason lab, we investigate how intracellular bacterial pathogens hijack host cell processes to promote infection.

In particular, we study how Rickettsia parkeri and Listeria monocytogenes move through our tissues via a process called cell-to-cell spread. We utilize cellular, molecular, genetic, biochemical and biophysical approaches to elucidate the mechanisms of spread in order to reveal key aspects of pathogenesis and host cell biology.



February 5th, 2019: Yamilex Acevedo-Sanchez from the Biology department just started in the lab for her first rotation. Welcome Yami :)

January 7th, 2019: New year, new rotons! This month we welcome Microbiology student Mandy Levine to the lab for her rotation.

December 20, 2018: We’re hiring! The Lamason Lab is looking for a lab technician. Applicants should apply using the link here. Please be sure to include a cover letter expressing why you’re interested in the lab and a resume outlining your work experiences in (and out of) the lab.

December 10, 2018: This week we welcomed our newest lab member, Jon McGinn! Jon got his Ph.D. at The Rockefeller University and just joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome :)

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